Sketches on Paintings no. 1


I. Claude Monet - Impression: Sunrise

  1. II.Henri Mattisse -

La Danse

  1. III.Henry Tanner -

The Banjo Lesson

  1. IV.Ambrogio Lorenzetti -

Effetti del Buon Governo

V. Vincent van Gogh -

Starry Night

Sketches on Paintings was written in 2005 for the Destino Winds.  The five-movement work depicts a full day from sunrise to night. The day begins with the first movement, "Impression: Sunrise" by Claude Monet. This movement is the composer's idea of what a sunrise would sound like in Monet's impressionistic world. The second movement, "La Danse" by Henri Matisse, represents late morning and provides the music the people are dancing to. In the afternoon is "The Banjo Lesson" by Henry O. Tanner, which sounds like an amateur banjo player desperately trying to accompany a beautiful soaring melody, but unable to keep up. The musical climax of the piece is "The Effects of Good Government" by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, which appears at early evening. A portion of the fresco depicts all the good that comes from a stable government. This movement reflects the shawms that accompany the dancing peasants, and gradually spin more and more out of control. Finally, we reach repose with "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. This movement ends the piece with what nighttime might sound like in the artist's world, including distant sounds from the town in the background of the painting.

Performance by The Destino Winds