Sketches on Paintings no. 2 is the second of a series of works based on works of visual art. The first movement, Claude Monet – Water Lillies is an exploration of sonorities throughout the ensemble reminiscent of the famous triptych first viewed by the composer at the Museé Marmottan Monet in Paris, France. Edgar Degas – L’Étoile is a whimsical, dream-like waltz to which the ghostly ballerinas in the painting may be dancing. Jackson Pollock – Lavender Mist is a quasi-minimalist piece written specifically to follow the erratic yet graceful movement of the painter as he created his works, as seen in numerous videos of his process. Joseph Turner – Norham Castle: Sunrise is a seemingly un-moving contrapuntal fantasy on a simple tapestry of chords meant to evoke the suspension of time and misty lack of clear definition in the painting.


Sketches on Paintings no. 2

I. Claude Monet -

Water Lillies

II. Edgar Degas -


III. Jackson Pollock -

Lavender Mist

IV. Joseph Turner -

Norham Castle: Sunrise

Performance by The United States Naval Academy Band

Dr. Brett Abigaña, Conductor